How wireless communication in wireless networks works

I have always wondered how data like music, web pages and video can "fly" through the air invisibly and arrive at exactly the right spot, for instance my laptop or my mobile phone. The short answer is "radio". The technology that is used to transmit data wirelessly to our computers and phones is actualy ages old!

The advantages of a wireless network at home are pretty obvious when you compare it to a cabled network. You can get rid of all those dust collecting cables and you can move anywhere around the house with your laptop or smartphone, as long as you stay in range of your wireless access point. I could be writing this article in the bath room, and perhaps I am! But, how does it work? How does information travel through the air and magically arrive at the right device?

Radio technology

Wireless communication is driven by radio technology and not just in wireless networks, but also in remote controls, bluetooth devices and cell phones. In this article I will focus mainly on wireless networks and show you how radio enables the wireless transmission of information (or "data") between computers, tablets and phones.


The use of radio technology is not limited to radio's. Wireless routers, remote controls, x-ray equipment and smart phones all use radio technology.

Wireless networks at home

On the next page I will show you the basic idea of radio technology in a wireless home network. After that we will dive into radio technology more deeply and you will learn what radio really is (that's a tough one).

Ok, without further ado let me present you The Wireless Network.