Router password and firmware

The router itself should be protected with a password too. If you don't, someone my gain access to your router setup.

  1. Access your router by typing in your webbrowser. Login to the router. If you haven't changed the password yet: the default username and password are both 'admin' (without quotes).
  2. Go to the Administration page en fill out a password. Longer passwords provide better security.

When you buy a router it is equiped with default management software (also called 'firmware'). Sometimes vendors release updates to existing firmware or entirely new versions with different options. The Linksys WRT54G router is a particularly popular router when it comes to firmware options. The WRT54G allows third party programmers to create their own firmware that can be installed on the router. This ability has produced a large number of third party firmware projects for the WRT54G. The most popular third party projects are listed at Some of these firmwares provide additional functionality such as bandwidth management, extra firewall filters, advanced port forwarding, etc.