SSID broadcast

As stated previously, the SSID or Service Set Identifier is the 'name' of your network. It differentiates your network from other networks so that client computers can tell which network they are communicating with. With SSID broadcast enabled, your network's SSID is broadcast into open air. Any computer within range of your wireless network will be able to identify your network.

This is not neccissarily a bad thing. In environments where computers often switch networks, SSID broadcast allows computers to quickly locate a new network and connect to it. In wireless home networks computers often use only the home network, which makes SSID broadcast unnecessary. Disabling SSID broadcast adds a bit of security to your wireless network, because computers won't be able to see your network's SSID.

Log into the router.

  1. Open your webbrowser and type in the address bar. This is the default IP address of the browser.
  2. Type your login info in the login screen. Default: 'admin' (without quotes) in both fields.
  3. Go toWireless > Basic Wireless Settings'wireless
  4. SetSSID broadcastto 'disable'.
  5. ClickSave Settings.

How easy was that?! Pretty easy. On the next page you will set a router password to prevent unwanted visitors from accessing your router setup.