Conclusion and further reading about databases

A relational database is a wonderful piece of equipement for storing large quantities of data efficiently. In this tutorial I focused mainly on building the database model. These models can be implemented on any RDBMS and queried using the Structured Query Language.

Where to go from here?

If you want to design your own database, be sure to check uout Mysql workbench. It is a great tool for creating entity-relationship diagrams. I have used it extensively in my job as a software developer, even if we weren't using Mysql.

Another logical step to take from here is to learn more about the Structured Query language. Modelling tools like Mysql workbench and database management tools like Sqlyog are nice, but if you really want to learn how to use a database than SQL is a skill you can't do without. W3Schools has a nice SQL tutorial for beginners and there are many other tutorials out there for you to get started.