A basic Excel 2003 tutorial

Excel is Microsoft's spreadsheet program that is included in Microsoft Office. A spreadsheet is a sheet made up of cells that can contain data such as numbers, text and dates. A spreadsheet is the digital equivalent of a ledger sheet, only spreadsheets are much more flexible and can perform many more tasks than a traditional ledger sheet.


Spreadsheet programs are used to administer data. Excel is often used in the financial administration of small businesses or private persons. Excel can be used to calculate costs, earnings and profits based on the data present in teh spreadsheet. ThisExcel tutorialoffers an introduction into Microsoft Excel. The examples in this tutorial are taken from Excel 2003, but they apply to other versions of Excel as well. In this basic Excel 2003 tutorial we will show you the basics of Excel. In order to accomplish that goal we create a small cost administration for a bakery. The example we build can be easily changed to hold your own monthly, quartelry and annual expenses.

This Excel 2003 tutorial is accompanied by an example XLS file: excel_2003_tutorial_english.xls (right click > save target as... to download)

Excel spreadsheets

Excel is used to organize numbers and text into a spreadsheet. Each cell in the spreadsheet is identified by a row number and a column letter. When you start Excel a new spreadsheet is automatically opened and the cell A1 is selected by default. (Microsfot uses the name worksheet instead of spreadsheet). Excel

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