Jumping cursor on Dell laptop (solution)

The cursor of my beloved Dell Latitiude E6540 laptop has developed the annoying habit of randomly jumping to a different part of the screen. It happens at random time intervals and it has been doing this since a couple of days. When I am typing the cursor will all of a sudden jump to a different position in the text, causing me to mess up my own text.

I did some searches on Google and it seems the jumping cursor problem is not new and not limited to Dell laptops, although Dell laptops seem to be overrepresented. At least, I am not alone!

In this video you see me typing some text (in Dutch). You can see the cursor jumping to the top of the text several times.

So, how do you get rid of this problem? I tried a lot of things to solve this problem on my Dell laptop. What DIDN'T work is

- Removing the battery of your laptop and restarting.
- Trying not to touch the touchpad while I type, because this problem is not caused by accidentally touching the touchpad. Many sites suggest this, but it is not the problem.
- Installing an application like touchfreeze or touchpad blocker. These apps might help people that can't find the root cause of this problem. They disable the touchpad while you are typing. This helps, because your laptop discards any input it gets from the touchpad, but the real problem is that the touchpad is giving input when it shouldn't.

What DID work, for me, on my Dell E6540 is updating the touchpad drivers to the latest version. I am now running version 7.1208.101.124 of the Dell touchpad drivers and VOILA, the problem is gone!

Hafidz at Friday, December 16, 2011 4:52 PM This is my experience with the problem of "touchpad pointer jumping around like crazy when touched". At first thought effected by a virus. Various efforts have been made ​​such as virus scan, defrag and re format, the results remain the same. I also get the solution on the internet including delete touchpad drivers (Synaptics) and install it again .. the result is the same. Eventually, I found the solution from Davron (http://forum.notebookreview.com/averatec/26711-cursor-jumping-around-4.html) Thank you DAV He said the problem may come from AC / DC power supply unit. I continue to draw out AC / DC jack from my laptop ... BAMMMM! The problem finally finished. My touchpad works normal again. Hope this information will resolve your problem. From the innovators Hafidz my

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